FSC Sourced Timber

FSC is recognised by WWF as the “hallmark of responsible forest management”

FSC certified forests are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment.

For nearly twenty years the Forest Stewardship Council has been the most widely recognized forest certification system worldwide. The FSC label provides a powerful link between the responsible production and consumption of forest products, bringing together environmental, social, and economic interests in a balanced way to work towards sustainable solutions


Us & The FSC

At CHT we use only FSC sourced timber. We know that this will help ensure the long term sustainability of our forests and indigenous wildlife. Without our forests we know that we cannot produce our quality products.


Recycling Of Waste

We try to recycle all our waste products and have several means of utilising our waste timber. Very little goes to landfill sites.

Our sawdust is taken by local stables for bedding while our offcuts are used for our wood burners.